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Heat Pump

The heat pump is a device that extracts energy from a renewable thermal source, processes it through a thermodynamic cycle and distributes the result to your heating, cooling or DHW (Hot Water) system.

what is a heat pump

The heat pump is a device that allows the exchange of energy between two systems: collection and production. The collection or primary circuit can be defined as the system that the heat pump uses as an energy source, this also classifies heat pumps as ground or air source. The production or secondary circuit can be defined as the system to which the heat pump delivers the processed energy, which can be radiator circuits, underfloor heating, fan coil units, DHW, swimming pool or any other type of circuit.

Why choose the ECOFOREST heat pump?

  • ECONOMICAL. Ecoforest heat pumps substantially increase your savings, due to the high efficiency of the heat pump and the control strategies that automatically look for the most efficient point of the pump. Installing an Ecoforest system is simple, compact and fast, something that differs from other equipment on the market by including equipment necessary for the proper functioning of the system in the heat pump.
  • LOCAL RESOURCE. The energy produced by heat pumps comes mostly from the surrounding environment. Although they have to be connected to the grid, they do not need to be powered by any type of fuel, increasing their comfort. They also do not produce any flame or smoke and produce energy for your home with little or no visual impact.
  • MINIMUM MAINTENANCE. The technology in Ecoforest heat pumps is very similar to that in a refrigerator, which has a very long service life and does not require much maintenance.
  • MINIMUM NOISE. The technology of Ecoforest heat pumps and their insulation reduces their noise level to that of a normal appliance. With values between 33 and 46 dB in the domestic range, 53 to 72 dB in the high power range and a maximum noise of 65 dB in air source heat pumps.
  • SAFETY. It is a system where there is no combustion or fumes. The Ecoforest heat pumps continuously monitor all its parameters and in the event of an anomaly the heat pump shuts down in safe mode.
  • MINIMUM VISUAL IMPACT. In a ground source configuration, none of the installation components are visible. In an air source or hybrid configuration, only the outdoor air source unit is visible and even this can be hidden to reduce visual impact.
  • INTEGRAL CONTROL SYSTEM. The Ecoforest controller allows you to control your entire thermal installation through the heat pump screen. The setup is simple and intuitive.

 The following table compares an installation with 10kW of thermal demand. Depending on the type of equipment, fuel and performance, it can be seen that the energy consumption of the Ecoforest heat pump is the most ecological and economical solution.Comparation

Geothermal heat pump 

The temperature of the ground is stable throughout the year, the more the depth more stable it is, and geothermal heat pumps uses this temperature as main source of energy to produce heating in winter, cooling in summer and hot water throughout the year. Using such a clean, renewable and free energy source like the one that is contained under our feet.

Ecoforest have a wide range of powers that covers from 1 kW to 600 kW incorporating variable speed Inverter compressors. The Inverter regulates the speed of the compressor and thanks to the ecoGEO control strategies it adapts to the ideal of the comfort zone, which allows to make a rational use of the energy consumed. In this way only the energy demanded by the building is provided at each moment.

The ecoGEO heat pumps allow you to substantially increase your savings, not only because of the high efficiency with which they operate on a daily, but thanks to the technology and experience of Ecoforest, these geothermal heat pumps have a simpler installation, compact and economical than other heat pumps on the market, allowing to dispense with certain components that would be necessary to install externally in a traditional heat pump.

Aerothermal heat pumps 

Aerothermal heat pumps, unlike geothermal, are those capable of extracting energy from the air. Ecoforest has developed two types of aerothermal heat pumps that satisfy the heating of your home in winter, your cooling in summer and hot water throughout the year with exceptional performance.

The Ecoforest monobloc heat pump has 2 types of technologies. EcoAIR PRO, a heat pump with inverter technology that uses propane as a refrigerant, thus being able to produce hot water at more than 70 ° C with great performance. EcoAIR EVI, a heat pump with Scroll + Inverter + EVI technology, which is capable of maintaining high performance and power even with extreme outdoor temperatures.

The ecoGEO & AU combination, a unique system with many advantages over conventional ASHP, of which the HTR technology stands out, it produces DHW free of charge by redirecting heat removed from the housing to the DHW vessel, instead of wasting it in the air , and the possibility of making a hybrid brine system, that is, to combine the best of aerothermal and geothermal in a single heat pump.


The energy consumption of any installation is divided intro electricity, heating and cooling, and usually the higher energy demand comes from the thermal circuits. This is why the R&D department  has developed a product that, using the potential of Ecoforest heat pumps with his Inverter technology, manages the energy storage in a more efficient way.

How it works? It is very simple. These energy managers read the balance between the energy consumed and delivered to the electricity grid at all times. With this information and knowing the demands of the home, the energy manager is able to modify the parameters of the Ecoforest heat pumps in real time to improve their performance, allow storage of heating and/or colling, and even make a balance zero between production and consumption.

The combination of Ecoforest ecoAIR and ecoGEO heat pumps with the ecoSMART range results in the most efficient installations in the world.

A heat pump must provide comfortable conditions for the occupants of the buildings, which is why every detail should be considered for a correct installation. Ecoforest has the latest accessories in terms of heat pumps, fully adapted to the technology of our products, to guarantee the most efficient installations on the market.

The Ecoforest range of accessories is specifically designed for ecoGEO and ecoAIR heat pumps. Each of the accessories included in the website has been tested and approved by the Ecoforest R&D Department.

- DHW and buffer tanks

- Domestic range of Air units

- High Power range of Air units